Benefits of Membership

As a Wellness Group Member, you can enjoy economic predictability with your Wellness Group Provider.

You are eligible for discounts with participating healthcare providers and facilities in the state of Iowa. Discounts may apply to examinations, imaging, treatments, counseling, chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutritional guidance, and more, depending on your provider.

This means you are eligible for “cash rates” or “flat fees” with your provider, regardless of your insurance coverage. This membership may also be used in addition to your insurance policy that covers only certain services. For example, with Medicare patients, this membership may allow discounts on non-covered services.

Your $35 annual membership covers you and your family (dependents and spouse) for 365 days (one year) from sign-up. This membership can be used with any Wellness Group provider.

How to Join

You can fill out an application at a participating healthcare clinic and they will submit all necessary documentation to The Wellness Group.

Why does my healthcare provider have to use this service?

In many states, including in the State of Iowa, healthcare providers are not supposed to offer discounts. In their contractual obligations to insurance companies, to medicare and medicaid, they are supposed to charge the same amount, for the same services, to every patient. By using The Wellness Group, healthcare providers and facilities can offer discounts to those that need it most, without breaking any rules.

Why do some clinics still offer discounts and not use a DMPO?

Many clinicians still don’t know that they need to use a program like this to remain compliant with insurance companies and the OIG. And some know, but are willing to take the risk. You can be sure that if the office you are going to is using a discount medical policy, they are trying to play by the rules.

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